We enable wallet holders to make payments in real-time using an online checkout option

— Businesses can accept payment in crypto and receive settlement in FIAT through Novatti's solutions that connect them to cryptocurrency exchanges

Almost 1 in 5 Aussies own crypto but it's difficult to spend

We want to enable global commerce through cryptocurrency

State of Cryptocurrency

Market demands
not met

Fraud risk a

Wallet holders have limited payment choices

How we Differ

Join the masses already using



Connects all wallet holders to retailers



Payment is procssed within a few steps



Exchange and crypto currency agnostic



Secure ecosystem that protects all parties

Features and benefits for
wallet holders

Use your wallet on your exchange to pay

No cost to wallet holders which encourages more transactions

Pay using crypto currency you hold on your exchange

Patent-pending payment protection


Payments are processed in real time

Features and benefits for

Instant payments with fast settlements

One integration for all payment methods

You don't handle cryptocurrency

Exchanges all take place within our partners

Get paid in
Australian dollars

Access to a multi trillion
dollar market

Features and benefits for

Increased Revenue

Increase wallet holder base and transactions

Value add to
wallet holders

More payment choices to
wallet holders

Secure way
to pay

Patented payment

Benefits for Resellers

Leader in digital currency

Visionary solutions for
global commerce

Adding Value to Ecosystem

New Payment method
Additional data points


Services banked and unbanked
Mobile friendly

Global acceptance, seamless payment experience

  • Easy way to spend Crypto
  • Secure and compliant
  • Borderless currency acceptance
  • Increased demand from merchants
  • Instep with consumer expectations


PayxCrypto is a secure and compliant ecosystem that uses the latest security technologies similar to those used in credit card and PayPal payments to deliver a seamless checkout experience to consumers.

Novatti connects wallet holders from leading crypto exchanges to retailers. The wallet or account holder makes a payment using cryptocurrency, which is converted to fiat/cash by the crypto exchange and then passed as AUD to the retailer. Novatti creates a secure ecosystem to facilitate cryptocurrency payments.

This involves a seamless checkout customer experience that is crypto exchange and cryptocurrency agnostic. This ensures retailers can accept payments from all exchanges, all wallet holders, and all cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world.

As there is a lot of interest in enabling crypto to make payments online or via point-of-sale, Novatti works closely with clients to cover all aspects of their value proposition.

Market segments vary from retail, travel to charities and more.

We are constantly adding new exchanges. We currently support Binance, but the list is growing quickly. If you would like to see your exchange supported, get in touch with us

PayxCrypto provides a competitive solution. Pay for goods and services from anywhere in the world.